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Posted by StLukes | Posted in Inquiry, Literacy, Maths | Posted on May 24, 2016

We are learning to read data from a variety of sources

Information about the weather comes to us in so many forms. We can read the newspaper, watch the TV news, listen to the radio or get lots of information from the Internet.
What can we learn from the information here?  Can you write a sentence about one fact you see?

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Will noticed that the sun will shine on Friday and there will be rain too. He said there might be a rainbow on Friday.
Do you know why Will thinks there might be a rainbow on Friday?

Luke said, “There might be puddles on the ground tomorrow”. Do you know why Luke thinks there will be puddles on Thursday?

Bianca thinks there might be thunder on Thursday. What do you think?

Dear Junior F,
Will, I think you might be right about the rainbows. Sunshine after rain is the right ingredient!

Luke, you are definitely correct, the puddles have already started collecting

Bianca, I am not sure about thunder , but we can wait and see.

I find it amazing that we can learn so much about the weather from these charts.


Mrs C

Hi Juniors,

I thought your post was interesting and it’s very helpful because if your’re at home you can see the weather and what you can wear.
The information was useful – I think it’s going to be a wet day program today.
I didn’t know it was going to be this cold today!
Good to know how wet Cross Country is going to be!
It’s very, very helpful to not just see the weather today, but also the weather tomorrow and the day after.


Senior S

Today we had a wet day program. It has rained all day just as the meteorologists predicted.
Looking at this information we think from Friday morning to Saturday afternoon it is going to rain. We will need to wear warm clothes and maybe bring a coat and umbrella.
It may even be a wet day program tomorrow.
Junior S

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