Weather Science Experiments by Junior Z


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On Wednesday the 18th, Junior Z were in the classroom with Anna the Scientist.

We did experiments. The first experiment, we had to get hot water and salt. We had to mix them together. Next, we put a small cup in the water, then we put some glad wrap to cover the top. We placed an ice cube on top of the glad wrap.

We did this to see if hot water goes up, and if cold water went down and made rain. At the end we got to see if any water went inside the cup. This was an example of the water cycle.

Another experiment we did was to see how trees drink water. We had to put the cardboard tree in the cup with green food dye and we watched the green food dye go up. It moved very slowly!

Junior Z agreed that the day was fun, amazing, fantastic, interesting, exciting and cool!

We hope you enjoyed our recount.

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Awesome experiments Junior Z

Hi juniors looks awesome hope that you can remember that so that you can tell this years juniors.What did you learn? And what was your favourite thing to do?

From Georgie

Hi guys,
I really liked doing science. I hope the next juniors get to do that this year. I think they will really like it.
What was your favourite experiment?
From Celia.

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