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Dear readers,

We are learning about the weather and would love to know what the weather is like where you live.  Could you please complete this simple for for us ?  Thanks to Joel, Tegan, Ryan and Georgie for writing the questions!

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Our weather in Ireland is always varied. We can have ‘four seasons in one day’: Summer sun, Spring showers, Autumn winds and Winter cold. We have had a very cold and wet Spring so far. There was even snow and hail. The Spring blossoms are late.

We were delighted to get really good weather over the weekend. We got out and about and took out our Summer clothes. There were people on the beaches and long queues for ice cream.

But the weather forecast is for a return to cold and wet weather. So we make the best of the good weather when we have it.

Hey Juniors,
Good Idea to get people from different countries to come on your blog. It was very windy yesterday and it rained sooooo much. Keep up with your good work.
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A great project guys! Here in the UK we have famously unpredictable weather and many people think that it rains a lot (that’s not far from the truth!)

However, over the last few days we have been enjoying a beautiful warm few days with the temperature in the low 20’s. This is very pleasant for England in May!

Would love to hear more about what you find out in your project!

Mr Heeley and Devonshire Class
Barrow Hill Primary School – Derbyshire, England, UK

What a great idea. How many responses have you had?

Here in Nova Scotia, Canada, it is spring. Today was overcast and rainy until after lunch. The sun came out and it warmed up enough to feel almost like summer.
Good luck with your project!
Miss MacD.

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