What is Change? Where do we see change in our world?


Posted by Junior Teachers | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on April 18, 2016

Hi Juniors,

This term we will be investigating change and what happens when things change in our world.

We will be exploring changes in the weather and the seasons.

What do you know about the weather?

What do you want to find out about the weather?


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Sounds like a great Inquiry Unit. I know I am enjoying Melbourne’s autumn weather. The cool mornings and warm days and the colourful leaves. It is my favourite season. Did you know that in America they call Autumn , Fall? Why do you think that is?

Mrs C

Dear juniors,
It’s great to see that you are learning about change and weather. At the moment we are also learning about change and what change is. Here’s a question for you to answer- How does rain form?
From Tom in middle MY.

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