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Hi Juniors,

We have been learning about our bodies, what is inside our bodies and how we need to look after them.

One important part of our bodies is our heart. We need to look after our heart so we can stay healthy.

We created healthy heart goals to keep ourselves healthy!

To keep my heart healthy I will eat lots of fruit and ride my bike – Josh S

To keep my heart healthy I will play soccer, basketball and footy – Mitchell

To keep my heart healthy I will eat salad and drink water – Yar

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Hi Juniors,
It has been great to see you counting your steps and really focusing on healthy activity as well as setting goals.
Continuing to do this will keep you healthy in future.
Did you know that people who are healthy and fit can fight infections more easily? They visit the doctor less and have less heart disease or diabetes.
How can you share your knowledge with your family and spread the word about healthy living and fitness?
What else have you learnt through this unit of work?
How have scientists helped people stay healthy?

Hi Juniors,

It is great that you are learning about your healthy body

From Ava

Great goals juniors bet you will stay bright and healthy. Great job of taking care of your heart 🙂
From Patrick.D
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