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Hi everyone,

This term the Juniors are learning about different habitats around Australia and the world and the animals that live in those habitats.

Today we looked at lots of different images and talked about what we could see, what animals we thought might live there, and where the habitat might be in the world!

What is your favourite habitat so far?

What are you excited to find out about habitats and animals?

Click on the Jungle Habitat to see what Junior Z discovered!




Footy Day!


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Last Friday we celebrated Father’s Day by inviting all the Dads to come and have a special BBQ breakfast at school. Everyone wore their footy clothes and we celebrated the footy season by having lots of different footy activities all day!

I wonder…


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I wonder what the world would look like if all we could see was geometric shapes and lines coloured in only primary colours?

Piet Mondrian explored the same question and used his discoveries to create works of art.

Juniors created their own piece following the style of Piet Mondrian.


Piet Mondrian on PhotoPeach

Book Week Parade!


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Hi everyone,

We have had so much fun this week celebrating book week! We have done many different activities and read many different books. Today we celebrated by dressing up as a character from a story book and had a school parade.

Here are some photos of the Junior classes.

What was your favourite activity to do today?

Your Teachers

The Bible -`How do stories of the past help us to understand the present?’


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In Religion we have been exploring Old and New Testament Stories.

We sorted stories of the Bible into Old and New Testament stories.

Can you sort these stories into Old and New Testament?

Noah and his Ark, Mary and Martha, Zaccheus, Abraham and Sarah, The Calming of the Storm, Joseph and his Brothers, The Wedding at Cana



Our Term 3 2016 Inquiry


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The Juniors have been looking at old photos of our school.


This is a photo of St Lukes in 1962.  The photographer is standing on the oval.  What is happening in this photo?  What buildings can you name?



Weather Widget


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We are learning to read data from a variety of sources

Information about the weather comes to us in so many forms. We can read the newspaper, watch the TV news, listen to the radio or get lots of information from the Internet.
What can we learn from the information here?  Can you write a sentence about one fact you see?

Weather Science Experiments by Junior Z


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On Wednesday the 18th, Junior Z were in the classroom with Anna the Scientist.

We did experiments. The first experiment, we had to get hot water and salt. We had to mix them together. Next, we put a small cup in the water, then we put some glad wrap to cover the top. We placed an ice cube on top of the glad wrap.

We did this to see if hot water goes up, and if cold water went down and made rain. At the end we got to see if any water went inside the cup. This was an example of the water cycle.

Another experiment we did was to see how trees drink water. We had to put the cardboard tree in the cup with green food dye and we watched the green food dye go up. It moved very slowly!

Junior Z agreed that the day was fun, amazing, fantastic, interesting, exciting and cool!

We hope you enjoyed our recount.

Comments from Year 5/6 students


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The Seniors read our posts and looked at the maps and thought of many questions for us. They created a shared Google Doc to combine their comments and we have embedded it here.



The Weather in Melbourne Today- 11/05/16


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Today the weather was cold, windy and cloudy. What was the weather like where you live?


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